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If you were to research the phrase "computer chairs" the results would be overwhelming to say the least. This leads to a very confusing shopping experience. We at Direct Office Chairs are trying to simplify the process by providing our customers with a selection of computer chairs that are diverse in color and styles but fulfill the fundamental task's they were designed for. It's true that most of us, even our children, spend more time in front of computers now than ever before. So why not invest in a supportive and comfortable chair? Please browse our selection of computer chairs below and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance with your order.

OFM Mesh Back Computer Chair [E1000]OFM Mesh Back Office Chair with Arms [E1001]Basyx Mesh Task Chair [VL531]Basyx Computer Office Chair [VL220]Lorell High Performance Ergonomic Fabric Office Chair [86902]Lorell Sculptured Task Chair [60321]Lorell Mesh Back Office Chair [90039]Lorell Mesh Back Task Chair with Leather Seat [90041]Lorell Screen Mesh Back Office Chair with Leather Seat [85036]HON Unanimous High Back 24 Hour Use Chair [7604]HON Unanimous Series Office Task Chair [7622]HON Unanimous 24/7 Intensive Use Office Chair [7624]HON Unanimous Ergonomic Desk Chair [7628]HON 7800 Series Ergonomic Task Chair [7803]HON Gamut Series Mid Back Office Task Chair [2072]HON Mid Back Ergonomic Task Chair with Seat Glide [7828]HON Office Task Chair with Seat Slider [7708]HON High Back 6000 Series Office Chair [6003]HON 5700 Volt Series Computer Task Chair [5701]Office Star Computer Desk Chair [8120]Office Star Office Task Chair with Adjustable Arms [SC66]Office Star Dual Function Mid Back Task Chair [33320]Boss LeatherPlus Armless Office Task Chair [B1560]Boss LeatherPlus Task Chair with Arms [B1561]Distinctive Series Contemporary Office Chair [41573]Offices To Go™ High Back Office Chair [11652]Offices To Go™ Office Task Chair with Arms [11651]Office Star Contour Computer Chair [8180]Ergonomic Student Desk Chair [SC117]Boss Microfiber Task Chair [B325]Office Star Synchro Tilt Managers Office Chair [3121]Contemporary Budget Task Chair [SC59]Office Star Deluxe Managers Chair [EX2651]Flash Furniture Mid Back Office Massage Chair [BT-2770P-GG]High Back Plush Leather Computer Chair [EX9382]Deluxe Mid Back Plush Leather Office Chair [EX9381]Office Star Managers Office Chair with Flip Arms [FL89675]Plush Eco Leather Padded Office Chair [ECH8967R5]OFM Computer Task Chair with Chrome Base [648]Ergonomic Fabric Upholstered Office Chair [611]OFM High Back Office Ergonomic Chair [195]Ergonomic Industrial Desk Chair [KH580]Self Skinned Urethane Industrial Task Chair [KH520]OFM Contemporary Armless Office Chair [200]OFM Upholstered Contemporary Office Chair [635]OFM Contoured Computer Office Chair [640]OFM AirFlo Contemporary Office Chair [651]OFM Upholstered Low Back Office Chair [660]Leather Computer Chair with Chrome Base [32-44P918P]OFM Armless Office Computer Chair [150]OFM Ergonomic Adjustable Computer Chair [118-2]OFM Armless Office Chair with Oversized Seat [105]Offices To Go™ Armless Office Task Chair [11650]Ergocraft Harvard Task Chair [PS-2481]Ergocraft Workmate Armless Office Chair [SS-20551]Ergocraft Workmate Task Chair with Arms [SS-20652]OFM Vinyl Office Chair [119-VAM]OFM Executive Reclining Office Chair [680]OFM Multi-Function Ergonomic Task Chair [125]Mayline Leather Task Chair with Lumbar Support [UL330M]Mayline Ergonomic Task Chair with Tailbone Cut Out [9414AG]Mayline Orthopedic Designed Ergonomic Chair [4019AG]Office Star Ergonomic Office Chair [33347]HON Volt Multi Task Chair [5703]HON ComforTask Ergonomic Computer Chair [5901]HON ComforTask Adjustable Computer Chair [5903]Offices To Go™ Swivel Desk Chair with Arms [11612]Offices To Go™ Ergonomic Office Chair [11613]Offices To Go™ Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair [11631]Offices To Go™ Ergonomic Desk Chair [11653]Boss High Back Computer Chair [B2007]FUN Fabric Designer Mesh Office Chair [5200W]Office Star Air Grid Mesh Back Office Chair [5500]Office Star Full Air Grid® Mesh Chair [13-77N1P3]Air Grid® Mesh Chair with Custom Fabric Seat [13-7N1P3]Managers Air Grid® Mesh Office Chair [5540]Offices To Go™ Mesh Backed Office Chair [11647]Boss Screen Mesh Computer Chair [B6216]LeatherPlus™ & Mesh Ergonomic Task Chair [B780]Boss Leather Plus™ with Mesh Inlay Office Chair [B781]Executive Mesh Back Office Chair with Leather Seat [VL701]Mayline Mercado Plush Leather Office Task Chair [2528]Office Star White Mesh Office Chair [317W-W11C1F2W]HON Low Back Fabric Chair [ITL1AHU]OFM Contemporary Stars Series Office Chair [326]OFM Vinyl Task Chair [326-VAM]OFM Moon Mesh Back Office Task Chair [336]Moon Mesh Back Chair with Urethane Seat [336-P]OFM Moon Vinyl Office Chair [336-VAM]Safco 500 Lb. Big and Tall Executive High Back Chair [3490]SAFCO Mid Back Heavy Duty 24 Hour Chair [3491]Safco Poise Upholstered High Back Chair [6300]Safco Poise Mid Back Executive Chair [6301]Lorell High Back Executive Airseat Fabric Chair [60500]Chadwick Managerial Mid Back Office Chair [60121]Lorell Mid Back Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair [86201]BALT Elastic Banded Bungee Style Office Chair [34421]Basyx Mesh Mid Back Task Chair [VL712]Balt Posture Perfect Office Chair with Floating Lumbar Support [34571]BALT Spine Align Lumbar Support Office Chair [34556]BALT ReFlex Ergonomic Task Chair [34437]Office Star Value Mesh Office Chair with Arms [EM20222]Armless Mesh Back Office Desk Chair [EM20200]Office Star Screen Mesh Computer Chair [EM20522]Mesh Office Chair with Faux Leather Trim [EM20522]Office Star Screen Mesh Task Chair with Arms [EM50727]Basyx Armless Student Desk Chair [VL610]BossAaria High Back Ergonomic Chair [ADID33]Boss Aaria Ergonomic Multifunction Chair [ADID34]Office Star Task Chair [33101]Office Star Office Task Chair [33107]Lorell Bailey Series Fabric Office Chair [81101]Lorell Accord Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair [66153]Lorell Accord Series Fully Adjustable Task Chair [66127]Lorell Millenia Fully Adjustable Task Chair [80006]Hon 4000 Solution Series Mid Back Office Chair [4002]OTG™ Mesh Office Chair with Titanium Finish [11691]White Vinyl Contemporary Office Chair [33-Y22P91A8]Deluxe Black Vinyl Modern Task Chair [5500V]SpaceFlex™ White Vinyl Office Chair [88-Y22BP91A8]SpaceFlex™ Black Vinyl Task Chair [88-Y33BP91A8]EPICC Series Contemporary Flex Back Chair [88-32BB918P]EPICC Flex Back Office Chair [88-77RR918R]Eco Leather Task Chair with Fold-Away Arms [32-E3371F3]Offices To Go™ Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair [OTG2803]ProGrid Screen Mesh Managers Chair [98346]Office Star Self Adjusting Air Grid Mesh Chair [18-66N28P]Perforated Pillow Top Boss Executive Task Chair [B7106]HON Mirus Mid Back Office Chair [MAM1HUB]HON Mirus Low Back Office Chair [MAL1HUB]Hon Nucleus Mesh Back Office Chair [N103]HON Ignition Mesh Managers Chair [IWM2]HON Mid Back Ignition Task Chair [IWM3AU]Ergocraft Cameron Ergonomic Chair [PS-5964]Ergocraft Titan Computer Task Chair [E-96882]Ergocraft Office Chair with Tablet [E-31952V-TAB]Stratus High Back Task Chair [E-31781V]Ergocraft Soft-Sit Ergonomic Task Chair [E-52884V]Ergocraft Palisades Ergonomic Office Chair [E-50184]OTG™ Multi Function Adjustable Office Chair [11710]Lorell Westlake High Back Executive Chair [63280]Mayline Valore Mesh Back Office Chair [TSH3]Office Star Mesh Back Chair [EM2910]Boss Mesh Task Chair [B6508]Boss Office Products Mesh Manager Chair [B6406]Boss Aaria Seren Soft Upholstered Office Chair [B767]Basyx Leather Mid Back Chair [VL171]OFM Stimulus Armless Task Chair [521-LX]Boss Value Mesh Office Chair [B6105]Boss Budget Ergonomic Task Chair [B3035]Contemporary Bonded Leather Office Chair [DOR26]Office Star Avenue Six Trinidad Contemporary Chair [TND941A]Allseating Chiroform 24 Hour High Back Chair [98130]Allseating Chiroform 24 Hour Chair [98030]Allseating Chiroform Ultra Mid Back 24 Hour Chair [97011]Allseating Twist Task Chair [27020]Allseating Mid Back Presto Chair [52090]Allseating Presto 24 Hour Chair [52011]Allseating Presto Petite Office Chairs [52240]Allseating Therapod Therapist Chair [50190]Allseating Viva Mesh Back Chair [49045]Allseating Mesh Back Zip Chair [95040]Hercules Heavy Duty Office Chair [WL-735SYG-BK-GG]Hercules Black Leather Big and Tall Chair [WL-735SYG-BK-LEA-GG]Hercules Black Fabric Heavy Duty High Back Chair [WL-726MG-BK-GG]Hercules Big and Tall Mid Back Office Chair [WL-715MG-BK-GG]OFM 24 Hour Task Chair [241]OFM Vinyl 24 hr. Chair [241-VAM]Safco Soft Tough™ Plastic Office Chair [6900]Safco Precision Armless Task Chair [3380]Office Star Armless Office Mesh Chair [2902]Office Star Products Ergonomic Mesh Chair [29024]Offices To Go™ Armless Mesh Task Chair [11642]Basyx Fabric Mesh Task Chair [VL210]Boss LeatherPlus Leather Task Chair [B305]Boss Fabric Task Chair [B315]Boss Upholstered Computer Task Chair [B9090]Office Star Mesh Back Office Chair [EM20600]Office Star Vibrant Color Mesh Chair [EM39800]Office Star Spaceflex Pink Computer Chair [166006]Armless Swivel Task Chair [499]Boss Basic Armless Office Chair [B205]Office Star Armless Bankers Chair [101]Deluxe Solid Wood Bankers Chair [105FW]Office Star Wood Bankers Desk Chair with Padded Seat [108]Tufted Faux Leather Office Chair [ST52052CA]Armless Faux Leather Task Chair [ST52050C]Managers Mid Back Red Leather Office Chair [73129LT]

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