OFM was founded in 1995 as a manufacturer, importer and distributor of innovative and economical office chairs suitable for many office environments. OFM's extensive inventory and order processing software allows 99% of all office chair orders to be shipped within 24-48 hours which increases efficiency as well as customer satisfaction. OFM supplies furniture for businesses, schools, medical offices, hotels, restaurants and individual consumers through their established network of dealers. OFM operates out of a 124,000 square foot facility in Holly Springs, NC. In 2005, OFM was named one of the 50 fastest-growing companies in the Raleigh, Durham area. Direct Office Chairs is proud to offer the entire line of OFM chairs all at guaranteed low prices plus free shipping to your home or business.

OFM High Back Big and Tall Executive Chair [810-LX]OFM Avenger Heavy Duty Desk Chair [811-LX]OFM ORO Series Tablet Executive Chair [ORO100]OFM Executive Reclining Office Chair [680]OFM Sharp Series Leather High Back Chair [510-L]OFM Sharp Series Mid Back Leather Desk Chair [511-L]OFM Sled Base Executive Guest Chair [515-L]OFM Big and Tall Desk Chair [700]OFM Heavy Duty Leather Chair [800-L]OFM Big and Tall 24 Hour Office Chair [247]OFM 24 Hour Task Chair [241]OFM Vinyl 24 hr. Chair [241-VAM]OFM Commercial Grade Heavy Duty Office Chair [710]OFM Mid Back Heavy Duty Chair [711]OFM Executive Office Chair with Pivot Arms [550]OFM Executive High Back Leather Office Chair [520-L]OFM Stimulus Faux Leather Executive Office Chair [522-LX]OFM High Back Executive Faux Leather Chair [516-LX]OFM Mid Back Faux Leather Office Chair [517-LX]Sled Base Faux Leather Guest Chair [518-LX]Executive Leather Office Chair with Wood Accents [560-L]Mid Back Leather Executive Chair with Wood Accents [561-L]Leather and Wood Conference Chair [565-L]Ergonomic Fabric Upholstered Office Chair [611]OFM High Back Office Ergonomic Chair [195]OFM Upholstered Contemporary Office Chair [635]OFM Computer Task Chair with Chrome Base [648]Sled Base Guest Chair with Arms [645]OFM Upholstered High Back Office Chair [670]OFM Upholstered Low Back Office Chair [660]OFM High Back Office Executive Chair [452]OFM Upholstered Mid Back Office Desk Chair [453]OFM Executive Upholstered Side Chair [455]High Back Leatherette Executive Office Chair [507-LX]OFM Mid Back Leather Desk Chair [508-LX]OFM Leatherette Upholstered Guest Chair with Arms [509-LX]OFM High Back Upholstered Office Chair [606]OFM AirFlo Mesh Office Chair [610]Mesh Side Chair with Sled Cantilever Base [612]OFM AirFlo Contemporary Office Chair [651]OFM Contoured Computer Office Chair [640]OFM Moon Mesh Back Office Task Chair [336]Moon Mesh Back Chair with Urethane Seat [336-P]OFM Moon Vinyl Office Chair [336-VAM]OFM Moon Mesh Back Drafting Chair [336-DK]Moon Mesh Back Plastic Seat Drafting Chair [336-P-DK]OFM Moon Mesh Back Vinyl Drafting Chair [336-VAM-DK]Moon Mesh Back Stationary Work Stool [338]Moon Mesh Back Stack Chairs with Sled Base [335]OFM Moon Mesh Back Vinyl Chair [335-VAM]OFM Vinyl Task Chair [326-VAM]OFM Contemporary Stars Series Office Chair [326]OFM Vinyl Drafting Stool [326-VAM-DK]OFM Counter Height Stars Swivel Stool [326-DK]OFM Stars Series Stationary Office Stool [328]OFM Stars Series Vinyl Cafe Height Chair [328-VAM]Star's Series Sled Base Stackable Chairs [325]OFM Stars Vinyl Stacking Chairs [325-VAM]OFM Multi-Function Ergonomic Task Chair [125]OFM Ergonomic Multi-Function Drafting Chair [125-DK]OFM 24 Hour Drafting Chair [241-DK]OFM 24 Hour Vinyl Drafting Stool [241-VAM-DK]OFM Armless Office Computer Chair [150]OFM Upholstered Adjustable Office Stool [150-DK]OFM Armless Office Chair with Oversized Seat [105]OFM Drafting Office Chair [105-DK]OFM Ergonomic Adjustable Computer Chair [118-2]High Back Ergonomic Drafting Chair [118-2-DK]OFM Vinyl Office Chair [119-VAM]OFM Stimulus Armless Task Chair [521-LX]OFM Vinyl Drafting Chair [119-VAM-DK]OFM Contemporary Armless Office Chair [200]Plastic Molded Drafting Chair [200-DK]OFM Molded Plastic Stackable Chairs [202]OFM Mesh Back Computer Chair [E1000]OFM Mesh Back Office Chair with Arms [E1001]OFM Mesh Office Chair without Arms [130]OFM Contemporary Mesh Drafting Chair without Arms [130-DK]OFM Mesh Office Chair with Arms [130-AA3]OFM Contemporary Mesh Drafting Chair with Arms [130-AA3-DK]OFM Executive Mesh Chair with Headrest [580]OFM Mesh Office Chair with Headrest [590]OFM Ergonomic Office Mesh Chair [591]OFM Sled Base Mesh Office Side Chair [595-L]OFM Vision Executive High Back Mesh Chair [654]OFM Vision Mesh Back Office Guest Chair [655]OFM Stacking Office Chair [414]OFM Contemporary Armless Stacking Chair [408]OFM Vinyl Upholstered Stacking Chair [408-VAM]OFM Stationary Armless Drafting Chair [408-C]OFM Stationary Office Stools with Arms [404-C]OFM Contemporary Stacking Chair with Arms [404]OFM Stackable Plastic Chairs with Arms [306]OFM Rico 12" Seat Height Stack Chairs [305-12]OFM Rico 14" Seat Height Plastic Stack Chair [305-14]OFM Contemporary Stackable Plastic Chairs [310-P]OFM Stackable Chable - Chair/Table [355]OFM ReadyLink Modular Reception Seating [212T]OFM ReadyLink Modular Add On Reception Chair [211T]OFM ReadyLink Modular Waiting Room Chair [212]OFM ReadyLink Modular Add On Chair [211]OFM 3-Person Waiting Room Beam Seating [323]OFM 4-Person Reception Area Office Seating [324]Moon Mesh Back Waiting Area Beam Seating [333]OFM Mesh Back Office Reception Chairs [334]OFM UNO Contemporary Guest Chair [420]OFM NET Series Stationary Mesh Swivel Chair [N101]OFM NET Series Metal Mesh Chair [N102]OFM Indoor/Outdoor Mesh Guest Chair [N202]OFM 3-Person Mesh Chair Row Seating [NB-3]OFM NET Series 4-Person Mesh Beam Seating [NB-4]OFM NET 5-Person Mesh Beam Seating [NB-5]OFM Plastic Shell Stacking Chairs [320-P]OFM Stackable Banquet Chair [300-SV]OFM Heavy Duty Vinyl Stacking Chair [300-XL-VAM]OFM Big and Tall Stacking Chair with Arms [300-XL]OFM Armless Fabric Upholstered Guest Chair [405]OFM Vinyl Office Reception Chair [405-VAM]OFM Sled Base Big and Tall Vinyl Guest Chair [407-VAM]OFM Sled Base Big and Tall Guest Chair [407]OFM Heavy Duty Armless Vinyl Guest Chair [409-VAM]OFM Heavy Duty Armless Guest Chair [409]OFM Sled Base Arm Chair [403]OFM Vinyl Upholstered Sled Base Arm Chair [403-VAM]OFM Fabric Upholstered Stool [902]OFM Vinyl Upholstered Office Stool [902-VAM]OFM Anatomy Vinyl Office Stool [910]OFM Plastic Folding Chairs [303]

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